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Licensed acupuncturist Windy Wang  brings you over 90 years of combined family experience in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) at Willow Pond Phoenix acupuncture clinic. Click here to see real cases treated by Windy.

TCM, or Chinese Medicine, had been the primary health care system in China and many other Asian countries for thousands of years.  It is, in fact, still mainstream medicine in these regions, and is steadily gaining popularity in the West.

Contrary to some common misconception, Chinese Medicine is quite scientific in its overall approach.  It has evolved through thousands of years of well documented empirical evidence.  Like no other medicine, it is an integrative system that connects closely its theories and practice.  From the basic philosophy, to physiology and pathology, to diagnosis, and to treatment, every part of the medicine is built upon an interrelated framework of knowledge, which is a reflection of human health as a whole.  It serves to keep our understanding of symptoms and signs in perspective, and enables us to tackle the root of the problem as well as managing the symptoms.  Chinese herbal medicine, Acupuncture, and Tuina are the three major components of TCM.

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